About Us

About Our Company

As a result of being the third generation in this field we Herbs Group company have been distinguished by our high quality of herbs , spices and seeds which are the outcome of a comprehensive chain of procedures applied in cultivation, harvesting, natural drying and processing then exporting.

Who are we?

We are an Egyptian company specialized in exporting herbs and spices. We aim at providing high-quality products at the best possible prices, highly considering our clients satisfaction and acceptance.

We have acquired experience needed to meet exactly what our clients demand providing quality in compliance with worldwide market standards and specifications.

We guarantee the quality of our products step by step through the entire process of production .

Our labs

Herbs Group Co. Has an advanced internal laboratory to test the raw materials and the finished products. Chemical and microbiological analyseis are affected by the Ministry of Agricultural Laboratory.

Our farms

Herbs Group plant all its products through its farms which are grown by the latest methods Under the supervision of specialists and professors in this field We guarantee your products safe, healthy and clean We are honored to deal with our company.